Sterling International embodies the Human in Human Resources.

We believe in building long-term relationships with Candidates as the foundation of our business, accompanying and counseling them to optimize their career paths.

Contrary to the industry’s standard “establishment” approach to executive search, our modus vivendi is entrepreneurial, personalized, and empathetic. We prefer “casting” versus acquisition of Talents; rather than simply recruiting them, we provide career guidance and prospective employer introductions beyond the scope of our current mandates, all with the objective of finding the most suitable cultural fit between the Candidates and our Client organizations. Making the best possible match requires pointed and diligent evaluation of the Candidate “genetics” – beyond their skill set to measure their potential for growing their talent and facilitating their career aspirations – and knowing how they will correspond to our Client’s corporate culture, their “DNA”. This too is a long-term play and one where the better we know both parties, the greater the outcome for success may be ensured for all involved.

This philosophy is one of “making the marriage” and supports our efforts to regularly scout and meet with Talents on a purely exploratory basis, giving them meaningful insights on the market and the industry, and offering them coaching through general interviews. It also allows us to grow individuals through ongoing counseling and not solely a transaction via placing them in companies. The Candidates leave our interviews with meaningful insights and practical advice in hand to look for their future jobs.

becoming a sterling candidate

How do we get to know you ?



Should you wish to be on our radar, you can send us your CV and any other information that will allow us to create your profile in our internal database. Any additional documents are welcome, such as portfolio, reference letters, brand books or even former performance appraisals.

What happens next ?



After receiving your documentation, Sterling’s Research team integrates your data into our system and presents your information to our Consulting team. The Consultants will then assess the relevance and timing to meet with you, either for an active recruitment mandate or for an exploratory interview.
You may understand that as we receive a considerable number of requests, we are not at liberty to meet with everyone. Rest assured that your profile will still be created (or updated) in our internal database, and as such, we will contact you according to opportunities corresponding to your profile.

What is it like to be in a recruitment process with Sterling ?



When Sterling is mandated a recruitment project matching your background and competencies, you will be contacted by our Research team via email or telephone. They will conduct a preliminary interview with you to discuss the project, and will then review your candidacy with the Consultant(s) executing the assignment who will assess how closely you qualify for the position, and if that is the case, an interview is organized.

Our processes often require Candidates to prepare exercises following the Consultant interview. The nature of these exercises varies depending on the position being recruited, and can go from psychological assessments to answering a list of job-related questions, to putting together a design project, etc.

We would then prepare a comprehensive Candidate Presentation file to formally introduce your candidacy to our Client who can then decide whether an interview may be organized with them.
Sterling accompanies our Candidates throughout the entire recruitment process, from scheduling interviews, briefing and debriefing you before and after, and mediating as required between you and our Client including negotiating the desired outcome of an offer.

As a “placed” Candidate, you will still benefit from Sterling’s guidance through regular touch-base calls or meetings. This allows us to ensure that your initial integration is successful and that your level of satisfaction and motivation is on-going.