Starting from a base of open, direct and simple dialogue advocating transparency and rigor in all our endeavors, we partner with our Clients and develop a “fast forward”, trust-based relationship. We define success not by “winning the assignment” but rather when our placed Candidates have brought our Client organizations exceptional results via breakthrough performance.

our services

Executive search



The broadest possible pool of Candidates.
Sterling has carefully chosen the companies to partner with as Clients, as our “Off-Limit” policy prohibits us from considering their employees for other organizations;
this translates into a significant advantage as it means delivering our active Clients with the broadest pools of talent in the market, many of whom are unavailable to other search firms.


No border constraints
Sterling’s 4 offices work together in a “one-market” approach that facilitates seamless operations beyond borders. We do not have the constraints of any individual country P&Ls which are typical in other recruitment firms. This policy allows us to operate within a vast domain and offer our Clients access to an even wider and more international selection of talents.
Our consulting performance is enhanced and facilitated by state-of-the-art technology. At our disposal, we have exceptional research capacities and resources, leveraging 130,000+ Candidates and 30,000 companies, and allowing for outstanding search assignment execution.


Overview per Function:

  • Advisory Board – Non-Executive level
  • Corporate General Management – President, CEO, MD, Regional CEO, etc.
  • C-level/ VP level – Commercial, Marketing & Communication, HR, Finance, Supply Chain, etc.
  • Creative Pole – Artistic, Creative, Design, Development, Merchandising, Image, etc.
  • Digital Pole – Chief Digital Officer, eCommerce Director, CRM, IT, etc.

Talent mapping



A Talent Mapping approach differs from a standard Retainer Search process, as the goal is not to proceed with an immediate recruitment. A mapping process allows you to understand where potential Candidates are currently working, their backgrounds and compensation levels, non-compete restrictions and notice periods, and provides you with a cursory evaluation on their seniority and dimension to assume the roles in question. In this sense, it allows you to gather all the data you require prior to deciding on moving forward with a recruitment, so that you may have options in case of a possible succession or job creation: the Candidate pool you have access to, the budget you will need to anticipate for that role, and the on-boarding timeframe given the contractual clauses of the Candidates.

Our mapping work begins along the same path as a standard search assignment in terms of research and presentation of our data and findings. However, the goal is one of market identification which is greater in breadth (geographies, levels of talent, etc.) which results in identifying talents who may be slightly over or under-dimensioned as we cast a wider net during the identification process.

Made-to-measure projects



Sterling’s global and dynamic focus on the Fashion, Retail and Luxury Goods sector allows us to serve our Clients strategically with projects tailor-made to their needs. Our Consultants’ first hand experience in company operations, leadership development and market strategy allow us to execute special projects for our Clients across a broad array of their needs, both locally and globally.


Overview of made-to-measure projects:

  • Management Assessment
  • Studio Assessment
  • Organizational Design
  • Succession Planning
  • etc.

Whereas the majority of our assignments focus on management positions across a range of functions, a third of our activity is generated by our Creative Pole, our dedicated business unit specialized in Design, Image and Merchandising roles, and a fast-growing number of projects are conducted by our newly created Digital Pole, balancing technical knowledge for digitally-focused roles with the understanding of the complexities of digital transformation.


creative pole

“Not unlike jewelers, we seek out the raw diamonds to help shape them, and find the right setting to allow them to shine at their brightest.”

- Alice Bouleau, Principal & Head of the Creative Pole

Any assignment with artistic or creative content requires more than the standard interviewing skills and classic project management process of executive search. Understanding
the unique aspects that make a creative Talent, be they related to trends, technology, or semiology, requires an “eye” and is a formidable challenge.

Since 2001 Sterling has made the strategic choice to dedicate an internal team with the skillset to work exclusively on projects specific to creative Talents. Sterling’s Creative Pole has developed a unique expertise on Creative, Design, Image and Merchant roles.

Sterling’s Creative Pole is about passion for Talents. It is also about understanding studio organizational structures and collection management teams and processes which allow us to establish both broad and long-term relationships with our Clients, our Candidates and their creative teams.

We invest in the process of getting to know the Talents, from those just out of school to the up-and-coming Talents, to the established stars. We accompany, guide and counsel them, we believe in giving back to the industry. As such we contribute to various fashion institutes and participate in juries, school workshops, festivals and conferences to share our expertise.

digital pole

“Our Digital Pole is about anticipating the future of fashion, retail and luxury goods. It is also about understanding companies’ technological development and their needs to remain relevant in a very fast-moving and ever-changing environment.”

- Elizabeth Stanton, Consultant & Head of the Digital Pole

Sterling International’s strength has always been to understand and anticipate the market and its evolutions. After creating a dedicated team in 2001 for the Creative recruitments, in 2021 Sterling International created a Digital Pole dedicated to digital profiles and projects.

We invest our time in meeting with Talents across sectors because the digital space and function have no borders. We work side-by-side with the new generations by participating in conferences and juries to share our expertise but also to learn from them.